Danielle Santini

Danielle Santini

Elementary School Teacher

I am a well traveled and highly qualified elementary teacher. My strength lies in my ability to take into account the developmental needs of my students and tailor the curriculum appropriately.

Certified in New York, California, Hawaii, Australia!

I received my B.A. from the University of Connecticut and my Masters in Elementary Education from Manhattanville College. I began my teaching career in September 2002 at PS 90 in the Bronx. It is a title 1, high needs school in an impoverished area. I taught Kindergarten students from underprivileged and immigrant families and had to face the challenges and adversities that come with such a student base. Despite these challenges I rose to the occasion and got immense satisfaction from the high number of students leaving my class in June with language arts skills and math skills well above grade level.

In August 2004 I decided to make the move to California. I gained a job teaching at Sunland Elementary School. Working at Sunland gave me the chance to teach a more economically and culturally balanced student population. I had the opportunity to teach Kindergarten and Second grade as

With honest gratefulnesses for the help and support, which you have offered my family. I express gratitude extensively.

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well as supplementary programs for students struggling with language arts skills in First and Third grade. Due to a family illness I returned to New York for one year and worked as a short term first grade leave replacement teacher and building substitute in the highly acclaimed Edgemont Union Free School District in Scarsdale, NY. After returning from New York, I gained a temporary contract position with the South Pasadena Unified School District. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints and the nature of my position, I was excessed. A truly unique aspect of teaching in South Pasadena was the opportunity to engage in such a tight-knit community, with frequent school functions offering extended interactions between students, parents colleagues. I also benefited from the daily collaboration that comes with team teaching and loved using project based learning to increase engagement and retention in my classroom.

On June 19, 2009, I began a year long traveling sabbatical, I obtained a working holiday visa and arrived in Australia on November 11th. Prior to my arrival in Australia I spent a full month traveling the US, went on safari in South Africa, visited museums in the Netherlands, enjoyed the culture of Spain and spent a month in England. Traveling has allowed me numerous opportunities of immeasurable proportion. While living in Melbourne I was able to gain qualified teacher status and substitute teach at many different elementary schools. This experience alone provided me valuable insight into teaching practices that differ from those in the US. Now that I am back in the US I can only hope that my experiences in Australia will prove priceless to my future teaching endeavors.